We’ve been pretty busy around these Pendo parts. Because we just launched two new power tools. (Not that kind of power tools. But they do handle some pretty heavy-duty tasks.)

Our new and proprietary, automated USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) Standard 3 compliance tool manages the appraisal review requirements set by each state, allowing the appraiser to look at the original appraisal—along with the review form and supporting market data—all in one view. The tool also tracks the number of appraisals Pendo has completed in each state and notifies us when it’s time to complete more reviews to meet the state AMC requirements.

And call us overachievers, but launching one new tool just didn’t seem like enough. So we also developed an appraiser recruiting tool that helps our dedicated client success team find, track and engage appraisers for traditionally difficult assignments (you know the ones—unique properties, properties in high demand or sparsely populated areas).

Want to learn more about either of them? Email us. We’d love to talk tools with you.