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Pendo Team: Hurricane Assistance

Teamwork. Support. Empathy. For those impacted by the recent hurricanes. No contribution is too small. We hope that you’ll help.   VI Strong is an organization comprised of part and full time St. Thomas residents who have come together after the recent hurricanes to address specific needs of the islands. They have several fundraising options. [...]

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Pendo Team: Jackie

Jackie Jursch Client Success Advocate Patience is a virtue. And she mirrors this to a tee. Not only at work but when fishing. When she finally catches one, it will be the best fish you’ve ever tasted. Could be the bacon or maybe the side of sweet tea. Nonetheless, we love it when she cooks for [...]

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Pendo Team: We’re HIRING

Regional Account Executive - Northeast Territory Pendo is a collaborative team-oriented environment with an entrepreneurial spirit. Team members are encouraged to be creative and push the envelope. Ideas are welcomed and generated through brainstorming, informal meetings and hallway conversations. The workload is significant, deadlines run tight, critical projects are always on the table, [...]

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Pendo Team: Casey

Casey Caswell Appraisal Quality Advocate She’s far from 40 but when asked, she’ll tell you her favorite show is ‘This is 40’. When she gets a chance to veg out and watch it, she’ll have a box of Chinese take-out and a big bottle of water. Could be because she’s so busy chasing her [...]

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Pendo Team: Tristan

Tristan Johnson Client Success Manager Adventurous spirit with a beautiful mind. Yep, that pretty much sums her up. An artist, traveler and outdoor enthusiast. Maybe this comes from living on St. Thomas. Now if we could just get her to create some new office artwork. For what it’s worth, our clients love [...]

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PENDabulous Awards: HousingWire Insider

The HousingWire Insider’s Award recognizes the “go-to” team members – the professionals that their companies turn to with their most important or challenging projects because their contributions and hard work lead to superior results. Winners are selected by HousingWire’s editorial board based on their contributions over the last 12 months. “John is a reflection of [...]

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Core Value Recipient: Q2 2017

Jake Fogle Client Success Advocate Dedicated: worked late many days without being asked to recruit appraisers. Respectful: mindful of teammates and their work load. Pitched in and helped the quality team when staff was on leave - working two positions for several weeks. For what it's worth, Jake knocked it out of the [...]

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Core Value Recipient: Q1 2017

Shelley Henderson Appraisal Quality Manager  Entrepreneur: looked for ways to improve the process.Dedicated: makes it a priority to get reviews completed in a timely and accurate manner.Leader: stepped up to the plate in a new leadership role; hit the ground running. For what it's worth, we think Shelley is a rock star. [...]

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Pendo Team: Kalima

Kalima Jenkins Appraisal Quality Advocate When it comes to football, she just can’t decide which team to root for. Sometimes it’s the Chiefs and sometimes it’s the Steelers. Maybe she needs some alone time to think about the best team (go Chiefs). If that doesn’t work, we’ll just turn to discussions of Downtown Abbey. For what [...]

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