Appraisal Types

We know what makes a healthy appraiser relationship.
(Hint: It’s not candlelit dinners.)

When it comes down to it, we tout substance over style every time. And we understand that the best relationships require really hard work and communication. That’s why, in addition to providing the services you’d expect from any appraisal management company, we put in the extra effort to ensure that we’re timely, complete and accurate and that our clients and appraisers are in total compliance. (But don’t worry. If you come visit us, we’ll still treat you to a nice meal.)

So, what kind of appraisals do our real estate valuation experts do? We’ll tell you. But warning: the list is pretty long, because we do them all.

Traditional Residential Appraisals

We’ll value land or property, usually to support first and second mortgages for purchase or refinancing.

Real Estate Owned Appraisals (REO)

Same drill … valuing property … but this time the property’s owned by a lender.

Commercial Appraisals

We’ll value your property, but the value will likely be made on the rental rates received in relation to expenses paid out.

Reverse Mortgage Appraisals

Appraisals for reverse mortgage loans also known as a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage.

Relocation Appraisals 

Like a traditional appraisal, but these help employers facilitate the relocation process—which means the user of the appraisal is the employer or relocation management company, not the person who owns the home.

Alternative Valuation Appraisals

These types of products are provided by real estate sales professionals for broker price opinions (BPOs) and comparative market analyses (CMAs).