Best appraisers, meet the best appraisal management company.
It’s nice to meet you.

We’re dedicated to providing ‘white glove’ service to our clients. That’s where you come in. We recruit and retain a select group of appraisers in each individual market, then we provide that group with the tools, resources and benefits needed to complete their appraisals accurately, efficiently, quickly and compliantly—with the highest quality and a meticulous attention to detail.

Joining our team lets you:

Be an appraiser, not a salesman.
Pendo sends appraisal orders directly to your email. You don’t have to leave your office. You don’t have to go to sales meetings. There are no marketing expenses or AMC membership fees. Our appraisal orders are assigned based on property location and applicable appraiser knowledge. In other words, it’s about where you are and what you know.

Take a vacation.
By being part of a select group of appraisers, you can take time off without potentially jeopardizing your Lender relationship because you couldn’t help them when they needed you. Now you can accept only those appraisal orders that work with your schedule—and you’ll still have the same steady flow of orders when you get back from your vacation. Did someone say “pass the suntan lotion?”

Get paid on time.
Pendo guarantees timely payment for all high-quality and efficient appraisal submittals, regardless of if we fail to collect from the client.

Simplify the way you do business.
Use the skills and training you have acquired and honed throughout your career to do what you’re trained to do—appraising. Let us worry about marketing, sales, administration, billing and collections. That’s what we’re here for.