If your life is easier, our job is done.

Our goal is to make things simple. It’s that, well, simple. And one of the ways we do that is by assigning every client their own dedicated assistant who is totally and completely accessible—almost 24 hours a day, and absolutely 7 days a week. No more calling ten different times and talking to ten different people. (Because we have yet to hear anyone who thinks that’s a not-at-all-frustrating thing.) We just firmly believe that surrounding you with appraisal experts and a dedicated client success team makes things run a lot more efficiently and accurately so you can rest-easily. And we don’t know about you, but in our business that’s a very good thing

Let’s call it our “Fantasy Appraisal Management Team.”

We set the bar high, because our standards are high. And we achieve it by recruiting and retaining a select group of professional appraisers and an internal team of experts. They’re our dream team. And we provide them with the tools, resources and benefits needed to complete each appraisal with high quality, proactive communication and unparalleled attention to detail. It’s a level of ‘white glove’ service that we offer throughout our entire order process … from the initial order to the final quality checklist. Oh, and if there is an issue along the way (hey, no one’s perfect), we’re on it so fast your head will spin.