Pendo Leadership

Our Executive Team

We tried to spruce ourselves up a bit. We’re a pretty informal bunch. But as you may have seen or heard, we like to have fun. And this team is the leader of the pack. So let us ‘formally’ introduce you.

Founder + CEO

Mike’s a true entrepreneur—this is his third business venture—but he spent most of his pre-Pendo career in IT development and consulting. So yeah, he’s pretty smart. As most of the people who work here would say, nothing gets past him. (Not that we’ve ever tried to get anything past him, of course.)

And a little hint: don’t expect him to brag about his success. Because he trains and trusts his staff, gives them the ball and lets them run with it. That’s the type of awesome boss he is.

Chief Operations Officer

Molly brings a tremendous breadth of expertise and talent to the team. Having owned her own appraisal company before joining Pendo, you could say she knows her way around the industry.

She utilizes that knowledge and experience to oversee all business and day-to-day operations. She also manages our client success team, quality team, and our ever-growing network of appraisers. You might be asking yourself “what doesn’t she do?” And we ask ourselves that same thing every day.

She claims that what she loves most about Pendo is the fun and cool people. And we didn’t even pay her to say that.

VP of Technology

John is responsible for all things technology related. Planning the IT future for Pendo, overseeing and maintaining current systems, and designing and developing new software applications. John’s leadership and critical thinking skills aid in continuously driving innovation.

Throughout his seven years at Pendo (and we hope many more to follow) John has been instrumental in implementing several new processes and systems. He is forward thinking and always looking to improve methods in ways that benefit our clients and partners.

He’s also incredibly good with words. So full disclosure, we’re a little nervous about him reading this bio.

VP of Compliance

We know the importance of regulatory compliance and Michelle’s job is to make sure the company runs in a compliant, efficient manner. She is a certified appraiser herself and self-proclaimed “Loudest Mom” on the sidelines at her two boys soccer games.

Michelle is a pizza loving, sports obsessed, travel enthusiast, and we are glad she has planted her roots in Kansas City to be apart of the Pendo team. (Although we have to admit that Greece, her favorite spot, sounds pretty nice too.)

VP of Client Engagement

Zach was practically born with Pendo. One of the company’s most tenured employees. He happens to know a thing or two about our technology, compliance standards and appraisal process. But that focus was in the past. Now he’s taking names. Building client relationships. Driving sales opportunities. And ensuring our clients receive the same top-notch service they’ve come to expect over the years.

So, when he’s not touring the country and meeting with clients. You’ll find this pizza eating, cherry coke drinker binge watching movies or frequenting concert venues. And if you ask him about the concert, he’ll tell you he should have been on stage singing with the band. Needless to say, we’re super glad he chose us for his career and not singing.

VP of Finance + Human Resources

Kent is responsible for all things accounting and HR. His love for numbers and attention to detail is pretty dang spectacular. Let’s just say his math skills are on par with his golf game.

Mr. Cook is a certified managerial accountant and an active member of The Institute of Management Accountants. When he isn’t crunching the numbers he is spending time with his wife and two kiddos, coaching sporting events and sneaking in a round of 18 whenever possible.