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Pendo Team

Our Executive Team

We tried to spruce ourselves up a bit. We’re a pretty informal bunch. But as you may have seen or heard, we like to have fun. And this team is the leader of the pack. So let us ‘formally’ introduce you.


Mike is head of all of Pendo’s business operations. Like ALL of them. Finance? Mike. HR? Mike. IT? Mike. Quality and Compliance? Come on, you should know this by now.

But it’s good that he does so much. Because he’s great at whatever he takes on. Mike’s a true entrepreneur—this is his third business venture—but he spent most of his pre-Pendo career in IT development and consulting. So yeah, he’s pretty smart. As most of the people who work here would say, nothing gets past him. (Not that we’ve ever tried to get anything past him, of course.) And a little hint: don’t expect him to brag about his success. Because he trains and trusts his staff, gives them the ball and lets them run with it. That’s the type of awesome boss he is.


Jeff has a crazy attention to detail. In fact, we were tempted to hide a punctuation mistake in his bio, just to see if he would notice. He also happens to be great at building company momentum, engaging his staff, networking and having a good time.

It’s probably the sales guy in him. Prior to starting Pendo, he worked in IT sales. Oh, and he also owned his own construction company (so this whole appraisal thing is a pretty natural fit.) So if you want to start a conversation with Jeff, start with that. Or ask a question about golf. Or traveling. Or traveling to play golf.

Jeff’s been heard saying that what he loves most about Pendo is the client relationships he’s made. True fact, he says it’s like hanging out with friends. (Remember what we said earlier about him knowing how to have a good time?).

VP of Operations + Technology

John’s incredibly good with information technology and all things related to the appraisal process. He’s also incredibly good with words. So full disclosure, we’re a little nervous about him reading this bio.

Of course his way with words comes in handy when he’s dealing with clients and co-workers, because he’s super good at explaining things in a way people can really understand. We tried to get him to tell us how exactly the Kardashians got famous, but turns out he’s more of a Bob’s Burger kind of guy. Oh, and also, it turns out that his awesome explanation skills cover process and system needs, not the baffling world of reality TV.

John oversees our client success team and our network of appraisers. Or as we like to call them, a super lucky group of people.

VP of Quality + Compliance

Compliance is her middle name. Well, actually Rebecca is her middle name. But she is an expert on regulatory standards. After all, before she joined Pendo, Molly owned her own appraisal company. So you could say she knows a thing or million about the industry. She uses that knowledge to lead the team that reviews every appraisal and ensures there are no errors. And as if that wasn’t enough, she also serves as an appraisal expert/consult.

Molly puts us all to shame by working like a champ at the office, raising two boys (make that three, if you count the grown one she’s married to), AND running half marathons in her spare time. (That’s 13.1 miles. Of running.) But we love her anyway. And she claims that what she loves most about Pendo is the fun and cool people. And we didn’t even pay her to say that.

VP of Marketing

Alicia is responsible for all the branding, advertising, PR and all things marketing related. But that’s not to say she won’t help you if you have an interior design question (her ‘if-she-wasn’t-doing-marketing’ dream job). We have to say, we’re pretty thankful she decided to not pursue a career of making homes look good. Because it means she gets to make us look good instead. Alicia sees the big picture, and is stellar at developing ideas and solving problems (a skill that’s just as likely to have come from big-time corporate roles as it is from owning her own bridal salon and helping clients decide between satin or tulle.)

Alicia is a self-proclaimed lake bum. And if you happen to see her on the water, she’ll likely be there with her favorite people of all time—her two kids and husband. Want to get on Alicia’s good side? Pour her a glass of wine and talk about fashion. In exactly that order.

VP of Finance + Human Resources

As head of finance and HR, Stephanie is responsible for all things accounting and HR related. (As in, she manages the budget for our holiday party, then handles any issues that arise from the holiday party.) Just kidding, we’re all just as reliable as Stephanie. Which is saying something, because her attention to detail and love of numbers is pretty dang spectacular.

Stephanie has lived in several different states, and though she hasn’t told us this directly, we’re hoping that her favorite is Missouri. Because we don’t want her to leave. Like, ever. She’s great at her job, and she’s a great mom, too. In fact, she took a few years off from her career in the finance world to spend with her daughter. Of course we have to admit, we’re super glad that the irresistible pull of numbers lured her back.