Quality Review Process

The whole ‘soda’ vs ‘pop’ issue isn’t the only thing that varies from state to state.

Compliance standards and increasing regulation may vary from state to state … and derail your loan closing. But you don’t have to accept that. Because Pendo has designed an operational process that includes an audit trail for every work file. And our engaged appraisal professionals uphold the regulatory requirements with respect to appraiser independence and non-influence. Combine all that, and you have a compliant appraisal report, process and communication that Pendo endorses.

We love quality control so much, we created our own process.

Every completed appraisal report (as well as every correction, update and clarification) goes through a thorough quality control process. Every time something changes on an appraisal report, we start the quality control process again.

Our internal staff completes “technical checks” on 100% of completed appraisals, following a customized client checklist, as well as USPAP Standard 3 Reviews in accordance with each state’s specific requirements.  All USPAP Standard 3 reviews are completed by properly licensed appraisers.

Check out our handy dandy table for a high-level explanation.