We just keep adding to our toolbox.
This time, a bigger and better power tool. 


We’re always busy around these Pendo parts. You know, taking care of clients and managing appraisals. But we also spend a lot of time looking at ways to make things better. (Not always an easy feat but one that we take very seriously.)

So we spent a lot of time listening to feedback from our appraisers, clients and our quality review team on things that could enhance our most used power tool – aka our Appraisal Review Tool. You know, the tool that assists our quality review team with the heavy-duty task of checking each and every appraisal. And making sure everything is accurate, complete and most of all compliant.

It does a lot of heavy lifting so we thought it needed a tune-up. Among its enhancements, we added several automated checks (well close to 100, but who’s counting?) to make the appraisal checklist more dynamic and assist in the manual review process. Within the automated checks there are several that perform subjective analysis, which impacts the number of revisions and lower CU scores. The finished outcome is now a completed file that shows the details and comments from the appraiser and our quality review team. So talk about checks and balances.

We’re more powered up than ever, eliminating appraisal redundancies and unnecessary manual checks while completing appraisals in less time. Talk about happy appraisers and happy clients who have happy borrowers. Win-win.

Want to learn more about our appraisal review process? Contact us. We’d love to talk power tools with you.