Appraisals for Properties Impacted by a Natural Disaster

We are thinking about those impacted by the recent hurricanes and subsequent storms. And realize with natural disaster there comes a laundry list of questions – like what’s next and how do I assess the damage? Fortunately, we know a thing or two about disaster inspections.

When a natural disaster occurs, here are some things to consider when needing a property inspection:

Properties impacted by a natural disaster will likely need a Catastrophic Disaster Area Inspection Report (CDAIR). An appraiser will assess the interior, exterior or both areas of the property, taking photos of the damage and making notes on the severity of the property damage, as well as the surrounding neighborhood. The appraiser does not provide an estimate of damage or impact to home value, merely documents an assessment of property damage.

It may take days or weeks before a property is considered safe and an appraiser is able to evaluate the damage. But once we have the green light, our goal is to complete the inspection in a timely, efficient manner by the most qualified appraiser. Again, when extreme circumstances occur, like major hurricanes, appraiser availability may be limited in impacted areas and inspection volume will be higher.

We are here to assist, answer questions and eliminate any concerns. That’s why our clients turn to us and know we have their back. No matter the circumstance.

For what it’s worth, we are thinking about each and every one of our clients, appraisers
and all the home owners impacted by the recent hurricanes.